Youngstone Studio


 Welcome to Youngstone Studio! I am Rebecca and its so nice to meet you. This small business started to take shape as I travelled state to state solo during the second and third years of college. This time created an environment where I could be curious and adventurous. It gave me creative freedom, and I dream big. 

The jewelry, paintings, and designs are meant to help customers take a step back, or take a step closer to the small details of life that we don't pay much attention to. The world around us is so powerful, so energetic. I want to give back some of that energy I've taken in. 

Jewerly to me is more than an accessory, its a connection to yourself, a piece you keep and wear close. It's love and confidence and everything you may need on a bad day.

For now, the products include jewelry, paintings, and other designs. Youngstone is always looking to add new products and collaborate! Please see the Contact Us page for any of these inquiries!